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Photo by Giovanni Gastel

Roger Corona was born in Marseille in 1949.
His adoptive city of Florence and his career as a supervisor with Fiat changed after an encounter with Giovanni Gastel in 1984, when he moved to Milan and began his profession as a freelance beauty photographer, working for Italian and international magazines and in advertising.

He combines his advertorial work with a deep commitment to photographic research.

In 1992, he dedicated the solo exhibition ARTE E LINGUAGGIO to the work of Don Antonio Mazzi, a priest who founded the EXODUS drug rehab community.
He lived in several communities for a period of time, to take 16 pictures symbolizing the coming back to life of a drug addict, step by step.

In 1993, he worked on two projects full-time.

The first, IO & IO (Myself & I), is a series of portraits made together with each of the portrayed artists: "...the idea came to me one evening at the home of a painter, an alliance between photography and painting instead of the usual antagonism...".
He asked 12 painters from the Milan area to add a pictorial touch to their photo portrait as a reinterpretation of themselves. The portrayed Maestri are Getulio Alviani, Gianni Bertini, Eugenio Carmi, Lucio del Pezzo, Franco Grignani, Ignazio Moncada, Bruno Munari, Tullio Pericoli, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Emilio Tadini, Luigi Veronesi and Agostino Bonalumi.

The second project, FEMMES EXTRÊMES, is a book of black-and-white photos edited by Giuliana Scimé, published in accompaniment to an exhibition by the same name:
"...for years I had been photographing the body and the beauty of models. In this project, I trained my lens on porno stars, maintaining full poetry and sensitivity. I wanted the clean lines that are generated from how the light falls, from the way you illuminate the subject, from simple gestures".

In 1996, Corona published DETTAGLI (Details), a book of black-and-white photos edited by Giuliana Scimé, published in accompaniment to an exhibition by the same name. It represents a new milestone in his studies of the expressive value of the nude:
"...the Dettagli project comprises 62 images with a common thread, the study and examination of details. In a society pervaded by distraction, superficiality and haste, I thought it would be interesting and singular (in some ways nonconformist) to conduct an exploration of close-ups to focus attention not on everything, but on what is normally not observed".

Corona was a jury member of the Miss Italia beauty contest in 1995, 1996, and 1997.

From 1999 to 2001, between Milan and Paris, he worked for women’s magazines and advertising agencies

From 2002 to 2004, the Alpitour company entrusted him with the photographic restyling of its holiday resorts around the world. In this work the beauty of the wild and primordial nature becomes the real protagonist.

In 2017, Roger Corona participated in the MIA Photo Fair, where he presented the monograph PATTERN GEOMETRICO edited by Maurizio Rebuzzini, in which nudes are a more intense portrayal of the body's forms and lines.

In 2018, Corona participated in the MIA Photo Fair, where he presented the digital book "Corpo e Anima – L'arte nei dettagli" edited by Nicoletta Salvatori and published by Simonelli.

Upcoming projects include:

NATURA NATURANS edited by Giuliana Scimé, where the female body transforms into a flower, shedding its functions to become pure beauty.

FERRO & NUDO, a four-handed initiative with the sculptress Vivide Mantero, who works with iron. This is a union of photography and sculpture where an imaginary thread leads us back to the ancestral woman.