From Tema Celeste

by Michelina Simona Eremita

The photographic work by the artist Roger Corona show his lens has perused the human body with the aim of cutting out some of its elements, as the title of the book and exhibition suggests, Dettagli ("Details", at Galleria La Corte Arte Contemporanea in Florence).
Such details, freed from the rest of the body and solicited by the camera, take part in a game of lines, volumes, solids and voids.
The human body is understood as an inexhaustible source of expressive possibilities. The protagonist of the operation is a chisel in the form of light, which isolated the details in a sharp separation between black and white, constructing a mosaic whose pieces enjoy an independent formal status.
The result offers the possibility ot surpass the purely physical element and relate to something else through the potential inherent in the form.
The balance of the portrayed forms and the harmony produced by the combination of the single elements tranfers the photographic recording to the aesthetic plane, a plane regulated by the juxtaposition of light and dark, which encounter each other to highlight conjunctions and divisions.

Milan, October 1996

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