IO & IO bianconero in color, portraits with four hands

Curator: Carlo Franza

An exhibition in which photography meets the suggestions of art.

A very refined black and white with the intervention of the photographed subject to give the sign of himself. Roger Corona’s focus on: Getulio Alviani, Gianni Bertini, Agostino Bonalumi, Eugenio Carmi, Lucio del Pezzo, Franco Grignani, Ignazio Moncada, Bruno Munari, Tullio Pericoli, Arnaldo Pomodoro, Emilio Tadini, Luigi Veronesi.

Interior portraits, built, on twelve of which he asked his characters to collaborate in a targeted intervention by four hands.

The reinterpretation of oneself, in a word, according to personal values of creative identification and self-irony.

Corona tells us:: “.. the idea came to me one evening at the home of a master painter, an alliance between photography and painting instead of the usual antagonism …” asking them to intervene with their own style on the photographic print by reinterpreting themselves.